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Museum Celebrates 150 Years of Meaford With Meaford Hall Display

1874, the year Ernest Shackleton was born, the year the first zoo was opened in the United States, and the year the infamous Jesse James robbed a train in Muncie, Kansas, stealing $30,000, but did you also know it was the year the Village of Meaford was incorporated into a Town by Special Act of the Ontario Legislature?

The former town of Meaford is celebrating its 150th year since incorporation. In honour of this grand occasion, the Meaford Museum has set up a retrospective exhibition in The Galleries at Meaford Hall. The tale of the Town of Meaford is told through a series of banners, from 1800 through 2000. The story begins with Charles Rankin’s survey of 1833 and covers major events up until our most recent mayoral election in 2022. Milestones like Samuel Rushton Eagles arriving as the first medical practitioner, dentist, and veterinarian, the start of the ‘Meaford News’ newspaper, the fire hall being built in 1887, and Meaford being listed on the Bell Telephone Directory are just a few of the details included which weave together a colourful picture of our town’s past.

A second exhibit at The Galleries at Meaford Hall shows a selection of maps and photos showing Meaford as it has expanded, and its urban area has grown from a few houses into a town over 5,000 strong (the urban area of today’s Municipality of Meaford). The Meaford Museum (111 Bayfield Street) is hosting a third exhibition where displays about people and businesses who have shaped the community will be shown, along with artifacts from the area.

If you’ve ever been curious about our quaint town’s history and journey, then a visit to Meaford’s 150 retrospective exhibition will satisfy your questions and it is well worth your time.

Meaford 150 Retrospective will be displayed until March 28. A reception will be held for Meaford’s birthday on Sunday, March 10, from 2 – 4 p.m., at Meaford Hall and will have an unveiling of a special new Meaford Cookbook.

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