Saturday, February 24, 2024

Municipal Law Enforcement Officers Now on Bicycles

This summer Meaford’s Municipal Enforcement Officers will be patrolling Meaford on bicycles. The Municipality of Meaford recently purchased two bicycles for use by the Municipal Law Enforcement team.

“Using bicycles instead of cars will increase our visibility in the community by making it easier for us to travel through parks, trails, and local neighbourhoods,” said Holly Hynes, Manager of Municipal Enforcement. Bicycles can also increase the number of positive interactions between the public and officers. “We are visible ambassadors to our community who focus on the 4 E’s – Engage, Explain, Educate, and Enforce. A big part of our job is listening to your concerns and acting on them thorough our compliance model.”

“The use of bikes for our enforcement patrols means that our staff are more accessible to community members and provides an environmental benefit to our community, which aligns with Council priorities for action on climate change, and community health and well-being.” said Matt Smith, Clerk/Director of Community Services. “They also are less expensive to maintain throughout the summer compared to our traditional patrol vehicles.”

The municipality extended thanks to Bikeface of Owen Sound for their “outstanding service in providing and donating bicycle parts and equipment.”

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