Saturday, December 4, 2021

More Thoughts on SkyDev Proposal

Dear Mr. Editor,

Thanks for your editorial about the revised SkyDev proposal. I was also so very impressed with the calibre of speakers at the consultation meeting.

I was however surprised that no one commented on the elevations in the proposed plan. The artist renderings are very deceiving – it is not until you study page 10 of 11 in the Sight Plan Renderings that you have a chance of understanding what this fortress-like development will look like from street level. In order to put cars “underground”, the proposal is to build up the grade from existing grade to cover the cars, then build the 2-6 story structures on top.

Consider walking or driving through the existing neighbourhoods and first catching sight of the proposed development – what would you see? A steep hillside/slope or retaining wall holding up 5 to 12 feet of earth – then on top of this starts 2 to 5 floor structures tightly packed into a small space. I see an intimidating mass very out of character with the neighbourhood blocking any sight or invitation to proceed further to the waterfront. I can’t imagine living across the street from such a fortress. Then, imagine walking along the waterfront looking up the almost 12 feet of fill or at a wall with 4 to 5 story structures on top? Is this the small town waterfront we would cherish and use?

I agree with all the voices I have heard about Fortress SkyDev – say no, send them back to the drawing board with clear directions about a proposal that would add housing in a way that respects the community and natural beauty we have. I am for development but against Fortress SkyDev.

Mary Lou Gignac, Meaford

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