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Making Solid Contact

The key to making solid contact starts with a good position at address.

If you have a good pre-swing routine, then this gives you an opportunity to check your setup before you swing.

Check your grip, your posture and your ball position at address.

A correct grip will allow you to swing the club without too much tension and allow your wrists to naturally hinge when you swing the club back and forward through the ball.

Poor posture can lead to balance issues that will make it harder for you to strike the ball solidly and on the sweet spot.

When hitting your irons you want to have the ball positioned at the bottom of your swing arc. Generally this is in the centre of your stance for most golfers. To achieve solid contact you need to properly square up the club face at address.

When setting up your iron at address, make sure that the ball is centred on the club face and that the shaft of the club is leaning forward towards your target. After all this is the position that the club face should be at impact.

The two keys to making solid contact is your ability to maintain your swing height and your lead arm extension to impact.

A good drill for beginners involves hitting an iron off a shallow tee with both feet together. This drill is sometimes difficult to start with because it really forces you have good posture and balance when you swing. Set up four balls in a row and make four swings with your feet and knees together. Next widen your stance so that your feet are slightly apart and make four more swings through each ball on a shallow tee. Finally take a full width stance and make four more full swings, focusing on your balance and maintaining your swing height to impact.

Good extension ensures that the club returns to the ball at the same position at impact. When you get a good hinge in your lead (target) hand you are able to keep your lead arm extended.

Focus on these two areas of your swing and I guarantee that you will start making better contact.

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