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Major Fire Destroys Auto Repair Shop, Residents Asked to Limit Water Consumption

On the evening of Thursday, May 25, Meaford’s Fire Department responded to a major structure fire at Johnny B’s auto repair shop located at 542 Sykes Street N.

The fire destroyed the building, sending thick plumes of black smoke into the air as a number of area residents looked on.

At 10:24 pm, the Municipality of Meaford issued notice that they had activated their emergency control group as a result of the fire.

The Municipality of Meaford has convened the Emergency Control Group to assess and monitor the situation. Updates will be provided on the website and social media if the situation changes,” advised the municipality.

At 1:46 Friday morning, an ‘urgent drinking water and water conservation notice’ was issued by municipal staff.

The Municipality of Meaford asks residents connected to the municipal water system to avoid drinking the water, and to limit water consumption as much as possible. The Municipality’s water system has been temporarily shut down to ensure that no by-products of the fire at 452 Sykes St. N enter the water system,” the municipality advised when issuing the notice.

Residents are asked to drink bottled water until further notice.

It is important that the water system does not run dry, as that may cause water main breaks which will require additional repairs. In order to conserve water, please:

  • Do not take baths and take short showers, only if absolutely necessary;
  • Do not wash vehicles, water lawns or gardens, fill pools or run water features;
  • Do not let your water run while brushing your teeth;
  • Do not use the dishwasher or clothes washer unless absolutely necessary.

The Municipality expects to know more information by lunchtime on Friday, May 26, 2023, and will provide an update at that time. The Municipality is working to arrange alternative water supplies and will provide additional information once it is available,” the municipality advised.

The municipality also noted, that this does not affect residents connected to the Leith water system.


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