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Reader Disappointed with Council Pumped Storage Review


In advance of the June 1st Councillor’s review of this project, I had shared with several councillors and the Mayor a 4-page technical/financial/environment assessment with regard to the Pumped Storage Proposal. In this report, I identified several very significant downfalls and omitted matters with the TC Energy proposal and their supporting narratives. Given these technical and environmental revelations, it would be impossible for any key decision maker to reasonably advocate for proceeding with construction of this pumped storage facility. At the conclusion of this report, I confirmed my 20-year engineering involvement with some of the world’s largest hydro dam and water storage construction projects.

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Concern About Nursing Homes


For last few weeks the news of the conditions in nursing homes all over the country has horrified, not only those who have loved ones in these places, but all of us. This seems to be a good time to acknowledge how lucky we are in Meaford to have a safe, well-run institution to take care of those who need it.

For the past ten years as a volunteer I have taken books from Meaford Public Library biweekly to those residents who enjoy reading; my fellow volunteer and I always found a clean environment, with our clients dressed in appropriate clothing seeming for the most part quite comfortable and content.

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Thoughts on Upcoming G7 Summit


I would encourage the G7 leaders to proceed with their summit and stop acquiescing to Trump.

I would also encourage them to persuade Trump to leave the G7 and form another alliance of authoritarian leaders which might include Trump, his beloved Putin, Little Rocket Man, and those enlightened leaders from Hungary, Brazil, and eventually China.

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