Saturday, February 24, 2024

Leonardo da Vinci Machines in Motion Launches at Grey Roots

Leonardo da Vinci Machines in Motion, an interactive exhibition which opened on September 24 at Grey Roots Museum & Archives, takes a unique backward glance at a forward-thinking fellow.

The exhibition, created by Worldwide Museum Activities (WMA) and organized by Evergreen Exhibitions, presents a hands-on display of machine replicas, constructed according to da Vinci’s famous workbook. The full-size machines were designed by a modern team of scientists and artisans who employed techniques and materials used in the time of da Vinci.

The exhibition is organized into four parts, based on da Vinci’s study of the elements of nature: earth, water, air, and fire. Highlights include a revolving crane, flying machines, and a hydraulic water saw. The exhibition is of particular interest to students and young audiences as it provides an engaging combination of education and entertainment while exploring history, science, mechanics, and innovation.

Machines in Motion is a real showstopper,” said Jill Paterson, Museum Manager. “Full of beautifully made, hands-on wooden machines, it’s a delight not just to see, but also to engage with. It’s rare to see an interactive exhibit of this scale, and we know visitors of all ages will get a real thrill from operating da Vinci’s machines.”

Launching alongside the exhibition is Seven Ages of the Bicycle, which features historic bicycles, velocipedes, and historical cycling artifacts on loan from the Huron Bicycle Museum in Kincardine. This carefully curated exhibition demonstrates the evolutionary process which led to the modern bicycles in use today.

Leonardo da Vinci Machines in Motion launched alongside Seven Ages of the Bicycle on Saturday, September 24, at Grey Roots Museum and Archives.

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