Monday, June 24, 2024

Kids in the Meaford Hall Arts Society Holds AGM, Plans for Christmas Performances & Identifies Need for ‘New Blood’

Recently, the Kids in the Meaford Hall Arts Society, a registered tax receipt-granting charity, held its AGM to plan for the coming year and identify challenges.

For 11 years KIMH has presented at Meaford Hall a live fairy tale or Christmas story free to the 1,240 local schoolchildren from Meaford and Thornbury. Founder Gunter Neumann’s vision was to expose and involve local kids in live theatre, and see their contemporaries performing on stage. This program also attracts adults with theatrical interest or experience on or backstage, to actively participate.

The three-year Covid shutdown is over, and the KIMH team is looking for ‘new blood’ – interested adults – for the coming fall season. Help is needed with set building, finding props, making costumes, or applying makeup back stage; also encouraging student actors, arranging auditions, assisting with rehearsals, coaching, and directing.

KIMH is funded by donations from Meaford, The Blue Mountains, and the Meaford Hall Foundation. They also have great support from local charities, businesses, and generous individuals who want to see local kids involved with live theatre.

Most funding for this year’s four performances ($12,000 to $13,000) is already in place. Meaford Hall charges full rate and is already booked for November 30 for three free performances for kids and one ticketed performance Friday night December 1, to welcome supporting family and friends and help defray expenses. KIMH has 10+ years of experience, but now they need your help.

This year’s show will again be a Christmas-themed story, yet to be finalized. The decision will hinge on the amount of additional support that can be generated from interested volunteers.

We just need a few more people to join us to get the show on the stage!” said KIMH President Rhonda Emerson.

To help out in any way, please call Rhonda Emerson 519-538-2194, or Carol Hethrington 519-599-5846.

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