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How Much Did Meaford Councillors Earn in 2020?

As required by the Municipal Act, the annual statement of remuneration for Meaford’s members of council was publicly released in a report to Council at their February 22 meeting.

Section 284 of the Municipal Act requires that on or before March 31st, the municipal Treasurer shall provide to the Council of the Municipality an itemized statement on remuneration and expenses paid in the previous year to each member of council in respect of his or her services as a member of council or any other body, including a local board. Further, the Treasurer is required to include each person appointed by the Municipality to serve as a member of any body, including local boards.

The total cost to Meaford ratepayers for council salaries, life insurance, and sundry expenses in 2020 was $177,399.96.

Mayor Barb Clumpus earned taxable remuneration of $32,199.96 in 2020, while Deputy Mayor Shirley Keaveney was paid $26,199.96. The five regular members of council were paid $23,799.96 in taxable remuneration, with some members eligible for taxable life insurance.

COUNCIL Taxable Annual Remuneration Taxable Life Insurance Non-Taxable Remuneration Sundry Expenses Total Costs 2020
Barb Clumpus $ 32,199.96 $ – $ – $ – $ 32,199.96
Shirley Keaveney $ 26,199.96 $ 81.45 $ – $ – $ 26,281.41
Steven Bartley $ 23,799.96 $162.91 $ – $ – $ 23,962.87
Tony Bell $ 23,799.96 $ 81.45 $ – $ – $ 23,881.41
Harley Greenfield $ 23,799.96 $ – $ – $ – $ 23,799.96
Ross Kentner $ 23,799.96 $ – $ – $ – $ 23,799.96
Paul Vickers $ 23,799.96 $162.91 $ – $ – $ 23,962.87
TOTAL 177,399.96 $488.72 $ – $ – $177,888.44

Unlike most other years, none of the members of council claimed any sundry expenses as the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in the cancellation of most conferences and training opportunities that members of council often attend.

In addition to receiving the annual report of council remuneration, members of council approved the establishment of a Council Remuneration Committee.

The mandate identifies a specific framework for the consideration of Council remuneration. Key items in this framework include a requirement that Council remuneration be aligned to the 50th percentile of comparator municipalities, as is currently the case for staff market checks, and that the committee should look into the appropriate difference between Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillor remuneration, reflecting the different responsibilities of the positions,” staff advised Council.

It is expected that the first meeting of a newly-established Council Remuneration Committee would occur in early May.

With Council’s approval of the establishment of the committee, a by-law will come forward at a future meeting to formally establish the Committee and adopt the terms of reference.

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