Monday, April 22, 2024

Grey Bruce Residents Calling For a Ceasefire

Dear Editor,

On March 18th Parliament will vote on an NDP-sponsored motion for an immediate ceasefire, a suspension of military trade with Israel, unimpeded humanitarian access to Gaza and an end to the decades-long Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories.

Ceasefire Grey Bruce (CFGB) is a group of citizens that has been meeting weekly (on Saturday mornings at 10 a.m.) in front of Owen Sound city hall since November, to protest against Israel’s siege on Gaza. CFGB is a diverse group including Jewish and Muslim members.

We circulated a petition that called for a ceasefire as well as an arms embargo on Israel. In just over one week we hand-delivered 300 signatures to Alex Ruff with the request that he present it in the House of Commons. Our hope was that this petition along with pressure from all across Canada would get some action from our government. This past week, the Ceasefire Grey Bruce group has been strongly urging MP Alex Ruff to support and to vote yes on the NDP Motion on the Ceasefire in Gaza.

After Oct. 7, Prime Minister Trudeau’s and Alex Ruff’s statement was that Israel had the right to self defence. This position hasn’t really changed. In 2022 Canada sold over 23 million dollars worth of armaments to Israel and since Oct.7th, 28.5 million more has been authorized. This does not include the components that are sent to the USA as parts for fighter jets, etc. Canada is complicit in the killing of over 30,000 civilians and injuring 100,000 more and these figures are probably on the low side. 70% of the dead and injured are women and children.

The ICJ (International Court of Justice) has ruled that Israel is committing a possible genocide and that they should do everything to protect civilian lives. Since this ruling, there have been further atrocities perpetrated against the people of Gaza by the Israeli Government/Israeli Defence Force. These include refusal to allow food and water into the Gaza strip, such as what is now being referred to as the Flour Massacre, where more than 150 people were killed and injured while waiting for food aid, among many other horrific incidents.

According to many polls, the majority of Canadians support an immediate ceasefire. Stefanie Fox, Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace, has stated: “The Israeli Government has lost any semblance of humanity as they wage a genocide against the people living in Gaza.”

A look back through history will show that crimes have been committed against indigenous people, ethnic and religious groups including the Holocaust of World War II. We cannot erase the mistakes of the past, BUT WE CAN STOP MAKING THE SAME MISTAKES!

Ceasefire Grey Bruce members,

Ben Caesar

Christine Forand

Leslie Moskovits

Hafeez Motorwala

Rob Rolfe

Marcelina Salazar

David Walton

Patti Waterfield


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