Saturday, March 2, 2024

Gems in Meaford


The time has come to recognize and show appreciation for our blessings here in Meaford. I have chosen to recognize the following who, in my opinion, are gems.

Meaford Rotary Club

According to their website ‘no challenge is too big for us. The club collaborates with community leaders who want to get to work on projects that have a real, lasting impact on people’s lives.’ This club has contributed much and the list is greater than will be recognized here.

The Rotary Club owns the Godfrey Apartments. The 32-unit apartments offer sustainable, affordable housing in Meaford. The club invests in upgrading the buildings (4) and renovating individual apartments. A plus to tenants is the proximity to downtown Meaford.

The Rotary Harbour Pavilion

Rotary erected the pavilion in 1990. Rotarian Russ Bumstead was the driving force behind this project and today the pavilion has become a very popular gathering place with many annual community events held here. Boaters to our community are thrilled to have access to this fantastic structure.

Georgian Bay Coyotes Track Club

In 2010 former Meafordites Kevin and Shelley Hooper formed a club training young athletes. Today youth from several communities are members of this organization and the club presently has 80 members. These young athletes train for 11 months. The club’s guiding principle is that consistency, dedication and hard work will pay dividends. The will to be the best is there. Several events are held throughout the province so funds are required for entry fees, travel, food. The Rotary Club generously sponsors the Coyotes.

Hats off to the volunteer coaches for their commitment. In particular we should highlight Steve and Mary (Jack) Leary and Keith Hargrave, the head coaches, for their time organizing the team. It is fantastic to see the orange shirts in action. We, as a community, need to ensure that we are supportive of this organization. They need a training facility such as the area on Aiken St. across from the former high school. Hopefully Meaford Council will pursue purchasing this valuable property.

David Mather

Oct 23, 2023 Meaford lost a gentleman who definitely left his outstanding mark on our town. Despite dealing with a debilitating illness for 28 years he was a doer. He developed and registered a website ( and he used this website to promote many aspects of our community. He undertook numerous dredging projects in the Bighead River and Meaford Harbour. The gravel that was removed was used in many town projects. He also helped complete many fish spawning stream rehabilitation projects.

Reflecting on the above it is very evident that our community is very blessed.


From a very grateful Meafordite,

Gladys Williams, Meaford


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