Sunday, July 21, 2024

GBHS Updates Mandatory Vaccination Policy for All Staff

The COVID-19 vaccination policy for GBHS requires all staff and physicians to be fully vaccinated by November 25, or be placed on unpaid leave.

We are pleased to share that 96% of our employees and 99% of our physicians are fully vaccinated. GBHS has been working with employees and physicians over the past few months to provide education and opportunities to discuss the science behind vaccination,” said the GBHS.

The GBHS Board of Directors remains committed to the goal of 100% compliance. After reviewing the vaccination rate and the risks, GBHS has updated its vaccination policy and anyone who is not fully vaccinated and does not have an approved medical exemption by December 3 will no longer be employed with GBHS.

We must be able to reassure the public that we are providing care in a safe, evidence-based environment,” said Gary Sims, President and CEO of GBHS. “In hospitals, where people are sick and vulnerable, that means wearing personal protective equipment, practising physical distancing, and being fully vaccinated. I sincerely hope that in the coming weeks all of our employees will chose vaccination so that they can continue doing the work they do so well.”

There is minimal impact on services as a result of this policy, as unvaccinated staff are spread across all sites and services.

In keeping with our goal to ensure a safer environment for all, GBHS recently announced that all Care Partners (visitors) must show proof of vaccination or a valid medical exemption to enter a GBHS facility. This policy takes effect November 15 and is consistent with many other hospitals across the province. This policy does not apply to patients. Anyone who needs hospital care or has an appointment should not delay, regardless of vaccination status,” noted the GBHS.

Exemptions to the Care Partner visitor policy can be made for children; those accompanying a child; visitors for those in labour or at end of life; and those with accessibility needs.


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