Monday, April 22, 2024

Gambling Ads Still Feature Celebrities & Sports Stars


Several months ago, I had my letter published regarding the excess of commercial ads encouraging gambling.

Effective February 28, 2024, there was a supposed “ban” on sports stars, entertainers, influencers and other celebrities from appearing in commercials encouraging people to gamble. Yeah, right!

Thanks to the incompetence and indifference of both AGCO and the Provincial government, a hole was left in the legislation large enough to drive a Zamboni through, perhaps even larger than the ego of the head honchos of online casinos.

Turns out, all the gambling sites need to do is add a fine-print flash message to the very end their commercials urging people to “gamble responsibly”, and the commercial easily passes the ridiculously low-bar muster. Let’s face it, the TV networks wouldn’t turn down commercial revenue from ANY source…ethical or otherwise.

First on board, of course, was MGM, the biggest abusers of the celebrity-endorsement racket. Others are sure to follow. The mere sight of the aggressive, over-the-top Jamie Foxx is enough to curdle my blood, as he seems a fitting designate for the gambling “industry” to thumb its collective nose at all Ontarians.

Thanks, AGCO, thanks Doug.

Mike Robertson, Meaford

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