Saturday, May 25, 2024

Craig Gallery Celebrates Meaford Artists

by Jen Burak

There is a new show in town, at the Craig Gallery. A veritable feast for the eyes and food for the soul. The Meaford Art Show features over 22 artists from our very own municipality, which is inspiring and just what the doctor ordered during these trying times.

Not only does art bring beauty to world — art asks important questions, presents controversial ideas, challenges the status quo, and promotes thoughtful dialogue. The community is lucky to have Jonathan Craig and Bridget Light at the helm of a space that is important for the cultural life of the town. A space that welcomes everyone and provides an opportunity for sharing the creations of regional artists who have a lot to give us.

As co-curators of the show, Bridget and Jonathan said that they wanted to “host an ultra local show as a way to connect with the community and bring artists together. The pandemic put our plan on hold for a couple of years but we are very excited to finally be hosting this exhibition!”

The show ably blends abstract and realism and works are in a variety of mediums including wire sculpture, collage, ink drawings, water colour painting, beaded art, oil on canvas, digital photographic art, iron work, and ceramics. In the centre of the gallery is a colourful tower-like installation made entirely of plastic cups and containers; something right out of a Dr. Seuss storybook.

The show opened on April 22, and runs until May 8. The gallery was teeming with artists and members of the community to kick off The Meaford Art Show. It was a very lovely social event that brought people together and a few pieces were sold on the very first night.

A list of the local artists in the show can be found on the Craig Gallery website: Check it out. You may discover your next door neighbour’s abstract painting on the wall! I certainly did!

Kudos to an, energetic, artsy, community-minded gallery for mounting a great show. Here’s hoping that Meaford stops by 4 Sykes Street North to take a gander.

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