Saturday, February 24, 2024

Cows, Cattle, and Correct Usage

Dear Editor,

I always enjoy reading about Sorche Paterson’s quest for the perfect steak (ongoing print paper series). The tenderloin with blue cheese topping sounded wonderful. However, I hope her tenderloins did not come from an Angus cow.

Cows are mature female cattle that have had at least one calf. They usually go to market at the end of their productive lives and end up in processed meat products. If the meat that Sorche bought was Grade A, it would have come from a steer or heifer under 30 months of age.

For some unknown reason there seems to be a tendency to refer to all cattle as cows but we don’t call all horses mares or all sheep ewes. Maybe we should try to use the proper terms when referring to cattle.

Calvin Holden, Meaford

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