Sunday, September 19, 2021

COVID-19 Vaccine and Your Business

COVID-19 within a business or workplace can cause significant impacts including exclusion of staff and possibly closure to the public, resulting in loss of revenue, and potential short and long term loss of your client base.

Having all employees fully vaccinated against COVID-19 is the most successful way to prevent COVID-19 from impacting your workplace. 

The Grey Bruce Health Unit strongly recommends that all workplaces develop a vaccine policy. This policy should strongly encourage all eligible employees to get two doses of the vaccine, and allow employees time off to get the vaccine. The Health Unit recommends any businesses wanting to implement a more rigorous policy of mandatory vaccinations in their employees should seek legal counsel.

It is noteworthy that from July 1-15, 95% of COVID-19 cases in Grey Bruce were in individuals that were NOT fully vaccinated. The vaccine decreases a person’s chance of getting the virus, as well as decreasing their likelihood of hospitalization or death.

Currently, provincial Step 3, requires all places of business to adhere to public health measures and advice and to screen ALL employees prior to starting a shift at work. All places of business must also screen their patrons. For details, please visit:

Businesses and employers with more than 20 employees wanting to be vaccinated can request a Pop-Up Clinic at the workplace. If you are interested in hosting a workplace Pop-Up Clinic, please email

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