Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Councillor Looking Forward to Election Time


I would like to thank Editor Stephen Vance for his response to the notion that there’s a need to “clean house” in the next election, coming up on October 24, 2022. In “This Week’s Rumours” in the July 8th print edition of The Meaford Independent, Mr. Vance suggested that a council made up of seven brand new members could be like a pro hockey team made up of rookies. As a seasoned observer of municipal affairs in our community, Mr. Vance has given this council pretty good “press”. He understands the strengths and weaknesses of the system under which councillors and municipal staff must work together to produce the multitude of services taxpayers depend on.

As there are no perfect people there is probably not a perfect council. However, I believe your present council is moving in the right direction with the appointment of advisory committees that are giving us the benefit of the experience and thinking of very well qualified ratepayers. This council is listening to the people all across the municipality, investing in infrastructure, striving to stimulate the local economy while protecting the things we all love about the area.

In his column, Mr. Vance said he has “yet to hear of anyone stepping forward to suggest that they will put together a campaign” and that he “truly hopes to see unprecedented numbers of candidates stepping forward to seek votes.” I would like to say that 1) you can certainly count on me to be seeking re-election and 2) I am confident that we will not only see a large slate, but also some of the best credentialed residents yet, and hopefully at least half will be women.

Councillor Ross Kentner, Meaford

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