Friday, July 12, 2024

Concern For Grassy Narrows

Dear Editor,

There is a mill in Dryden, Ontario that is polluting the river that flows through the Grassy Narrows reserve.

Those poor people of Grassy Narrows can’t catch a break. From being self-sufficient to not in one fell swoop in one of the biggest environmental disasters in our nation’s history. From a paper mill dumping more than 9,000 kg of Mercury into the river system of the English Wabigoon River.

As you well know, mercury is poisonous. These people can’t eat the fish or do anything in or with the water.

Everyone seems to be denying the first poisoning of that river, more than 50 years ago, was them, and the Provincial and Federal Government’s aren’t doing anything either.

We need to do something, now. I don’t know what. I am sending this letter to you hoping that a reader might have an idea.


Darryl Birch, Meaford

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