Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Concern About SkyDev Proposal


Everyone talks about what a jewel we have here in Meaford, nestled in the arms of the Bay. Rather than treating it as such, we are now being asked to destroy pristine natural shoreline that is not replaceable as well as disrupt a quiet residential area – just for starters.

Rather than a proposal that would include preservation of the natural esthetic of the area by incorporating features that would allow everyone to enjoy the ambiance, the current proposal cannot look beyond the dollar signs of water development for the well heeled. The lack of imagination in submitting the current proposal indicates a complete disregard for the community at large and dwindling natural areas that draw people here in the first place.

I am not anti development for this particular property but strongly feel there are many better ways to incorporate same. As Spock would say the needs of the many should override those of a few, then the whole community could “live long and prosper” (apologies to Star Trek).

Teressa Gibson, Meaford

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