Friday, June 25, 2021

Concern About Off Leash Dog Spaces


Well this letter may not be politically correct or popular with some of my neighbours, but I need to say something to dog owners who insist that it is ok for their pooch to be off leash, because “He/she is friendly and won’t bite you”.

How do they know this for sure? I’m a pretty decent human being and know myself well, but I don’t 100% know for certain how I might react to a strange or fearful situation, let alone how an animal might! I don’t want to feel intimidated by a free roaming dog while I am trying to have a walk OR a swim. No one should have to feel this way.

My question is, why are dogs allowed off leash anywhere? Don’t get me wrong, I like the doggies – from a distance. A friend whose dog was attacked recently by another pooch and had to take her wee dog to the vet… $300+ vet bill (paid by the attack dog’s owner). Additionally my sister’s, ever so gentle, pooch was recently pinned to the ground and bit by a dog released accidentally from the home.

We have a very nice dog park where it is safe for the furry four leggeds to run free… why do they need a section of Meaford’s shrinking shoreline?

If you have a dog, please keep it leashed… at all times and in all places.

Debbie Hickey, Meaford

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