Friday, July 12, 2024

Concern About Following Pandemic Protocols

Dear Editor,

I was just talking to someone in Holland and it gives me the urge to knock some sense into these people saying we don’t need to follow COVID protocols.

The Dutch, whom I thought were so intelligent and educated, are fighting tooth and nail against being forced to take precautions, but now they need the military to help with overload in the hospitals. There are stiff penalties for families who do not send children to school, but Warrick’s school has just been closed due to infection.

Now the government has quietly started ‘Code Black’, which is what we call ‘Triage’. Some poor suffering doctor has to decide who will live and who will not be treated. It will be a horrific thing to live with later for them, just because the ignorant follow the dictates of internet trolls whose only intent is to destroy society. They say it is an new vaccine but it is the same one used since the ’60s.

I am afraid we will end up using code black too if people will not listen to reason instead of internet lies. Now we have the new variant and no knowledge of how to deal with it. God help us.

Roberta Docherty, Meaford

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