Sunday, June 26, 2022

Clean up After Your Dogs


Thank you to David Glass for the letter to the editor in last week’s issue about the puzzling dog feces along the Georgian Trail.

Our situation is much more personal as we are finding dog feces bags along the road side edge of our wooded residential property on Centre Street.

There is no puzzle here. These are being thrown deliberately into this area or someone is climbing down a deep water-filled ditch and up the other side to deliberately place them on our lot. In either event it is shameful activity. Centre Street and Union Street form a very large walking block for those with enough stamina and determination to walk daily. It is great seeing our neighbours following the ‘stoop & scoop’ required rules for dog walkers. Both the south ends of Centre Street and Union Street at a certain point become RR 4 Meaford. We are all Meaford residents but it would seem some folks decide that our green RR numbers and our rural mail boxes mean they don’t have to respect rural properties.

Rather than take home their dog feces bags after they have collected them from town properties they dump them on ours thinking no one will notice. We are sure these walkers live locally and hopefully their shameful behaviour will change now that it has been brought to everyone’s attention.

Thanks to all walkers doing good deeds!

W. & J. Harrison, Meaford


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