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Celebrating International Women’s Day & Supporting Meaford Culture Foundation

In the spirit of celebrating International Women’s Day, the Meaford community came together on March 8 for a fundraising event organized by Andrea Roylance. The event, held at Meaford Hall, was a resounding success, bringing together individuals, businesses, and organizations in support of the Meaford Culture Foundation.

The International Women’s Day fundraiser aimed to not only commemorate the achievements of women but also to contribute to the empowerment of our local community. The Meaford Culture Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering cultural development and supporting local initiatives, was the beneficiary of this event.

Attendees were treated to a keynote speech by Lauren McKeon, author and deputy editor of Toronto Life magazine. The atmosphere was charged with enthusiasm and solidarity as participants shared stories, exchanged ideas, and demonstrated their commitment to gender equality.

One of the highlights of the event was the generous outpouring of support from attendees, sponsors, and community members. The collective efforts resulted in the successful fundraising for the Meaford Culture Foundation, raising over $2,000. These funds will be instrumental in advancing the foundation’s mission of promoting and enriching cultural experiences within the Meaford community.

“We are immensely grateful for the overwhelming support we received from the Meaford community during this International Women’s Day fundraiser,” said Roylance, board member of the Meaford Culture Foundation. “The funds raised will play a vital role in enabling the Meaford Culture Foundation to continue its impactful work in fostering a vibrant cultural environment for all.”

The success of this event would not have been possible without the dedication and collaboration of our sponsors, volunteers, and everyone who attended. Their commitment to making a positive impact in our community is truly commendable,” said organizers.

For further information about the Meaford Culture Foundation and upcoming events, please visit or contact Andrea Roylance or 705-440-6755.


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