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Canadian Base Operators: A Hidden Gem for Career Opportunities

Canadian Base Operators (CBO) is a hidden gem for career opportunities; an untapped resource with positions and job sites all across Canada. In addition to local positions there are many opportunities to travel and see parts of the world that you may never get the opportunity to see.

CBO is a facilities maintenance and operations company with clientele that includes the Department of National Defence (DND), airports and commercial clients. They offer services that not only require a large variety of skilled people of the trades but also administration, customer service, management, and general labour personnel to fulfill the contracts they hold.

CBO has recently marked their 25 year anniversary as a company, however CBO is not a household name. Although their head office is located in Collingwood, which is a 30 minute drive to one of their largest job sites in Meaford, many locals are not familiar with who they are and the career possibilities they offer. However, while CBO’s personnel work behind the scenes they are the driving force of our client’s facilities and operations.

One of CBO’s largest projects is the 4th Canadian Division Training Centre (4 CDTC) in Meaford. 4 CDTC is a training facility for regular and reserve soldiers in Ontario, as well as a variety of other countries’ military units and non-military agencies. At 4 CDTC alone there are over 150 positions. These positions represent a wide variety of fields and trades, from management and administration to vehicle mechanics, firefighters, HVAC technicians, plumbers, chefs and more. Additionally, careers in airport operations are available at CBO sites in the Alberta Oil Sands or at the Contracted Flying Training and Support (CFTS) Southport Aerospace Centre in Manitoba.

CBO’s strengths can be found embodied in its employees—hardworking, skilled, committed and generous,” says Erin Ayotte, Human Resources Coordinator, CBO. “Our employees are our greatest resource and our greatest inspiration. Whether it’s our vehicle mechanics, supply experts, electricians, NAVAIDS, groundskeepers, cleaning personnel, or ramp agents, you name it, CBO’s personnel are the best in the business.”

CBO is a “people business” and always has a demand for new applicants at their many operational sites. In addition to their existing projects, there are new contracts and opportunities always on the horizon. CBO has over 350 contract positions and is continuously growing and looking for new candidates.

If you are looking for adventure and unique opportunities to travel, CBO has many positions available within the Canadian Arctic that you would never otherwise get to see, such as the North Warning System (NWS). The NWS is a joint Canadian and U.S. radar system for the atmospheric air defence of North America, and has radar sites spanning across Canada’s northern coastline across the Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Labrador.

Being a part of the NWS team is very rewarding and refreshing—there is nothing else quite like it,” says Greg Cutter, Arctic Area Manager and Business Development, NWS. “The remote work environment, arctic scenery, breathtaking landscapes and unique wildlife are just some of what one experiences. Plus, you get to jump on a helicopter to go to work.”

At CBO’s remotely located job sites, they offer fly-in fly-out opportunities where workers are brought to site for the length of their work shift and are provided with accommodation, recreation facilities, meals and more. The fly-in fly-out structure gives employees the opportunity to keep their work and personal life separate. This option can leave more time and flexibility for personal travel and adventures or extended family time at home between shifts.

In addition to unique opportunities, CBO has created a culture that promotes diversity and a safe and enriching environment. We offer competitive wages, benefits, apprenticeships and on-the-job training opportunities. CBO truly cares about its people and knows that hiring the right talent is key to driving results,” said CBO. “Workers, families and students throughout Canada have faced exceptional challenges as COVID-19 left many people without a job and limited opportunities to find work. We hope to not only help people find work but also develop careers. With new openings arising frequently, CBO is constantly searching to fill positions across Canada. For all the latest job postings, projects and initiatives, follow CBO’s Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn pages.”

CBO is currently hiring and a list of all open positions can be found at

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