Sunday, July 21, 2024

Artillery Live Fire at 4th Canadian Division Training Centre

The Commanding Officer of the 4thCanadian Division Training Centre (4 CDTC) has issued a notice to the public of upcoming military training activities in Meaford.

56th Field Artillery Regiment, Royal Canadian Artillery, will be conducting live fire exercises at 4 CDTC from August 22 -August 26. Noise from ranges at 4 CDTC may be heard from 8 AM to 11 PM. Visitors and residents may notice a succession of loud noises during this time. Noise may be heard from large-calibre guns firing simultaneously.

Additionally, it is expected that there will be an increase in military vehicle traffic on Highway 26 and on regional county roads from August 22 – August 26. During this time, military vehicles will be transporting equipment and personnel to 4 CDTC.

This exercise is purely for training purposes and at no time will safety or security of the public be in jeopardy. 

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