Sunday, October 24, 2021

Are Fears of Proposed Pumped Storage Facility Overblown?

Dear Editor and members of Council:

I have stayed on the sidelines content to let the experts and would be experts duke it out in the Meaford Independent which is a great way for the issue to be brought forward. I have been confident that the required environmental studies will separate the wheat from the chaff and that a well reasoned considered decision will be made on the facts rather than by fear mongering.

A week ago I received the this email from a cousin in Mexico who sent an email enticingly titled: Amazing Swiss ingenuity. I had no idea to what the teasing title referred. To my surprise the subject matter is two very large linked storage pump units which are attracting praise. I don’t know if the Swiss objected to the construction because fish might be sucked through the turbines or that river valleys would be flooded if the dams burst. Or even that it would use too much electricity to pump during off peak hours. It seems that it is an economic success, perhaps the fears of the opponents in Meaford are overblown.

My cousin had no idea that a pumped storage facility has been proposed for Meaford and surprised at how divisive the opportunity has been.

Robert Hart, Meaford

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