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Bluewater Schools Capture Olympic Spirit


The 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi inspired a number of schools throughout Bluewater District School Board to coordinate a wide variety of Olympic-themed outdoor and classroom learning activities.

Schools ensured that their efforts reflected Bluewater’s 10 Character Attributes, the cornerstones that are embedded in the daily teachings and culture of school communities throughout Bluewater. By participating in team building activities and learning about the personal journeys and perseverance of the Olympic athletes, students are able to apply the Attributes of Commitment, Responsibility, Self-Discipline and Teamwork, among others.

Outdoor Olympic ‘spirit days’ were held at several schools with students from junior kindergarten and up participating in activities ranging from torch relay races, snowshoeing and cross country skiing to speed skating, luge and bobsled. In many cases, teams were divided up to represent the participating countries at Sochi.

Meaford’s St. Vincent Euphrasia Elementary School (SVE) held their ‘Fun Olympics’ event on Thursday, February 20. Students were divided into teams which represented various countries participating in the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Students pushed, pulled, and slid through a range of events which included a tug-of-war competition and Crazy Carpet races, which made for rosy cheeks, and many smiles throughout the day.

The winning countries at the SVE event were Switzerland followed by Sweden and Canada.

Beyond just sporting events, Bluewater staff were also creatively adapting the Olympics to the curriculum in various ways. Students were tracking medal counts, researching the athletes, their countries and flags, as well as investigating the historical aspects, human rights issues and impact of the games on society.

The Olympic Winter Games provide yet another great opportunity for our students to model Bluewater’s 10 Character Attributes, which serve as the foundational core values that our schools practise daily,” says Director of Education Steve Blake. “The passion, spirit and hard work demonstrated by our students and staff during these games are truly amazing.”

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