Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Achieving Your Personal Best on the Golf Course

Cameron Burechails

There is an old saying, “Take care of the nickels and dimes and the dollars will take care of themselves.” In the game of golf, there are specific key shots which account for lower scores.

We all want to play better golf and post scores that we can tell our friends about. Your personal best might mean that you finally broke 100, 90, or even 80 for the first time.

To achieve your lowest score you first keep track of some vital statistics. Fairways hit, greens hit in regulation, putts, as well as ups and downs, must be recorded in order to determine your weaknesses.

When you miss fairways, you often set yourself up for difficult approach shots to the green. You might look at your club selection from the tee or work on improving your driving skills at the range with your local pro.

Greens hit in regulation, one swing on a par three, two on a par four and three swings on a par five, will also tell you things. First, it will indicate how successful you are at ‘keeping the ball in play’. Secondly, this statistic will tell you how good your iron play is and how accurate your approach shots are.

A good short game can mean the difference between your best and your worst scores. Players who chip and pitch the ball well around the greens often make stroke saving up and downs.

Keep track of how many putts you take for each round of golf. A one putt will indicate that you are either a good scrambler or a good putter, while a two putt might suggest that your skills as a putter are simply average. Consistent three putts mean that you better improve your putting skills and work on getting your approach shots closer to the hole.

To post your best score this season, you need to first better understand your game. Keep these valuable statistics in order to determine the weaker areas of your game. You can then see a local professional to help improve these weaknesses in your game. You will then be on your way to posting your own personal best score this season!

Cameron Burechails (Teaching Professional), The Georgian Bay Golf Academy, baygolfacademy@bell.net, or www.baygolfacademy.com.

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