Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Playing Golf in the Wind

Cameron Burechails

There are many factors that can influence your golf game. Every time you step on the golf course the conditions are different. One day the sun is shining and another the rain is postponing your Saturday morning round. Temperatures also fluctuate and can have an affect on both your swing and the flight of your golf ball.

The one constant factor that many players forget to consider is wind. Some days the breezes are gentle while other days the wind swirls and gusts uncontrollably.

Here are some of my tips for managing your game on a windy day.

  1. Have the right club for the distance. Hit either 1 more or 1 less club depending on whether you have a head wind or a tailwind.

  2. Adjust your target line for crosswinds. The centre of the fairway is not always your target.

  3. Select an iron or a fairway wood from the tee. You may not hit your tee shot as far, but at least your ball will be on the fairway.

  4. Keep your eyes on the trees for a breeze. On approach shots look at the flag to see which way the wind is blowing. If you are not sure which way the wind is blowing, toss a few blades of grass in the air before you make your shot.

  5. Learn to hit ‘knockdown’ shots into the wind. Move the ball back in your stance and set your hands up so that they are positioned ahead of the ball. Expect to see more of a divot after impact and a shot with lower trajectory.

  6. Follow your regular pre-swing routine on windy days. Remember, don’t rush your shots, instead slow down and wait if you must.

  7. Swing evenly with good tempo when hitting shots into the wind. Change your club and not your swing to accommodate a strong headwind. Also tee the ball lower to hit a lower trajectory drive.

  8. For better control, grip down on the club to help ensure better contact and straighter shots on those blustery days.

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