Thursday, February 22, 2024

To Glamp or Not To Glamp? That is the Question

Letter to the Editor


I fully understand the desires on both sides of this issue. Do we invite people who will spend money in our area, or do we seek to protect our countryside, our agriculture, and our environment?

However, one risk that I have not seen mentioned lies in the fact that these campers will likely bring their pets with them, and seeing all this open space will very likely give them a free rein, and just turn them loose. As any farmer with livestock knows, dogs that are not trained to live alongside cattle will give chase, and cattle and sheep being what they are will run away. What great sport for a dog.

I am a former farmer and know about this all too well. Another aspect is plastic bags. Almost certain death to a ruminant that eats them. How do you stop these from blowing loose across the countryside? It strikes me that if this is to go ahead, council had better consider all the negative aspects of this and at the very least put in stiff rules with accompanying stiff fines for breach thereof.

Personally, I am against the plan.

David Blackburn, Meaford

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