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Tension – The Enemy of Performance

Cameron Burechails

Golf is a game that requires both physical and mental skills. In order to perform at your highest level, you need to understand how to manage both of these aspects of your game.

To best manage the mental part of your game, understand that you need to minimize what’s going through your mind when you play. Concentration involves selecting a few simple swing thoughts before each shot to prevent tension. When you feel like too many things are going through your head just prior to a shot, then your body feels overwhelmed and tenses up.

A consistent pre-swing routine will help you overcome this. Your pre-swing routine should address things like target, grip, balance, and tempo.

Tension can also occur when the muscles in your body tighten up. Many golfers tend to ‘flex’ their muscles when they swing in an attempt to hit the ball far. Actually, the opposite should occur when you swing. The muscles in your shoulders, arms, and hands should be in a relaxed state, both before and during a golf swing. At address your arms should hang comfortably from your shoulders as you set up to swing. When you swing the golf club your arms should simply swing up and down as your body turns.

Your grip is the key to a relaxed and rhythmic golf swing. Too much pressure in the fingers transmits tension up into your forearms, biceps, and shoulders before a swing.

Finally, to ensure that you have no tension in your chest when you swing, check your breathing. Many golfers hold their breath when they swing which creates tension in your chest and arms. Waggle the club before each shot and remember to exhale before you swing. Your arms should feel like they are made of rubber as they swing back and forth and you should be ready to make a tension free swing.

Your mind and your body should now be free of tension and ready to make a comfortable, relaxed swing!

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