Friday, June 14, 2024

Practise Range Tips

This season there have been many changes at most of our local courses. Golfers need to follow specific procedures to book tee times, play, and even practise at the range. To ensure safe social distancing many courses are limiting the number of people that can be out on the practise range at one time.

Everyone must be patient and stay at least six meters apart when hitting balls and practising their short game.

To make the most of your practise time, here are ten tips to help improve your game this season.

  1. Practise on a regular basis. If you play two rounds of golf a week then practise twice a week. If you match practise time with play time your game will improve.

  2. Always stretch and warm up before you practise. This will help improve your range of motion and help prevent injuries.

  3. Practise with a purpose. Understand your weaknesses and work specifically on improving them. Know what you need to work on and have a plan before you get to the range.

  4. Start off with a wedge at the range. Hit several wedges about 40 yards, then 60 yards, 80 yards, and finally make full swings with your pitching wedges.

  5. Next hit some irons. You might like to try alternating your irons by practising your odd-numbered irons in one session followed by your even-numbered irons in the next session.

  6. To develop consistent tempo, try the alternate swing drill with a wedge and your woods. This will help prevent you from over-swinging when you eventually start hitting your driver.

  7. Incorporate swing drills into your practise sessions. They will improve your swing mechanics and help you build a more repetitive swing.

  8. Keep notes during your practise session. When you make positive adjustments to your swing you want to be able to take those swing adjustments out onto the course for your next round.

  9. Finish up your practise session with a visit to the practise green. This will allow your body a chance to cool down and give you some time to improve your sense of ‘feel’ around the greens.

  10. Finally, make sure that you clean all your clubs after each practise round.

Next Week: Improving Your Golf Etiquette

Cameron Burechails (Teaching Professional), The Georgian Bay Golf Academy,, or

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