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Response to Letter From TC Energy

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on the letter by John Mikkelsen and his response published Friday, February 14, 2020.

Perhaps if TC Energy had not been working on this project for the past two years and having the Mayor respond with “sensitivity around the possibility of this getting out before the parties are ready”… I could swallow John’s opening statement and pretense about his efforts to introduce this project to our community. John wishes us to believe that community engagement, active participation are vital.

I attended all three of the so-called community input sessions. We were not engaged! First session we wrote questions on cards that were collected. If four of the questions came from community members I would be surprised. The remaining questions were “staged” by your mediator for the benefit of your video propaganda. We were not HEARD but herded away from being in a group so that we could ask questions to your personnel who didn’t know any answers to easy questions. They didn’t even know that this project would be built close to people’s homes but they would make note of it.

The second session we weren’t allowed to ask questions but again we were dispersed… you alleged it was for “us” to be in smaller groups to ask questions of the people who couldn’t answer any questions.

The third session you indulged us one half hour to hear our concerns and answer questions remaining in a group. Other than that we listened to your presentations.

If how we were treated was representative of you respectfully listening to our concerns, wanting to build trust and being transparent perhaps you could try harder in another town with a different project.

Finally John you stated that Meaford has an extraordinary opportunity with TC Energy and this project. Well let’s see, putting a concrete break wall 850 meters into the bay, killing fish spawning areas therefore decreased fish, water turbidity affecting our shore wells, 700 m shoreline intake systems… so attractive for us to view, and let’s not forget the high voltage transmission line corridor which will really enhance the natural beauty of our area and with TC Energy’s wonderful reputation of using Eminent domain means that you will take land from us wherever you want your corridor to go from Meaford to Barrie.

I realize John that TC Energy has in excess of 65 billion but you couldn’t afford the alternative route which the Wet’suwet’en suggested. So other than the jobs for destroying 500 acres of forest, excavating 375 acres for the reservoir and building this travesty… oh we will get some trailers put up for the workers which may check off affordable housing crisis. Lowering my hydro bill I doubt so… help me to realize the extraordinary opportunity for Meaford John cause I just don’t get it.

Meaford is an exceptional town and we are proud to live here. We have a reputation for being one of the best fishing spots with a rare biosphere, along the pristine crystal clear waters of Georgian Bay and a warm caring community.

The only thing “Green” about this project is the money TC Energy will be adding to their shareholders bank accounts.

Shari Richardson, Meaford

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