Monday, June 24, 2024

What Can Meaford do to Reduce Pollution?

Letter to the Editor


Climate change. Four months ago, I was wearing shorts, sandals, and a tee-shirt, now it’s a jacket, boots, and gloves. Is this climate change?

I don’t think the dinosaurs were sensitive to climate change, well, at least  not the ones that were close to the meteorite that landed near them. Those ones that were further away, never saw another sunrise. I did look at the NASA Green web page, and yes they are planting more trees, I wonder how India and China would fare in planting trees in the permafrost?

In the last month, news videos from India, where the smog is like a foggy day here, people wearing masks, and you can only drive every second day, this nothing to be proud about. China has improved in this area.

Climate emergency, do we also park our cars every second day? What can Meaford do to reduce pollution, it’s an emergency?


William Elder, Meaford

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