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Inspiring Indigenous Initiative – 21 Candidates Graduate From Grey Wolf


A graduation parade was held at 4th Canadian Division Training Centre in Meaford on Saturday, August 24, for recruits of Grey Wolf. Colonel Dwayne Hobbs, Deputy Chief of Staff at 4th Canadian Division, was in attendance as the reviewing officer for the 21 graduates. The ceremony was attended by families and guests of honour from indigenous communities.

Grey Wolf is a six-week military program for Indigenous people that combines military training with Indigenous cultural awareness. The program is built in a way that provides participants with a sense of belonging and a solid introduction to life in the military. Participants develop valuable skills such as self-confidence, self-discipline, leadership, and physical fitness.

The Grey Wolf program was launched this year by 4th Canadian Division as part of the Canadian Armed Forces’ Indigenous Program series. Grey Wolf is geared towards introducing a career in the military to Indigenous communities. An important part of this program has been the involvement from elders since the program’s initial stages, in order to ensure respect and authenticity of indigenous customs and traditions.

The Grey Wolf logo was inspired by woodland art, which is full of symbolism showing respect for the Indigenous art form. It incorporates X-Ray decoration with the most dominate themes being communication and the exchange of ideas; both essential to a supportive and respectful relationship between the Canadian Armed Forces and Indigenous people.

Through the Grey Wolf Program, we are offering an opportunity for Indigenous members to participate in a military experience that respects and celebrates their heritage and culture. The program opens doors for participants to a world of opportunities within the Canadian Armed Forces and in Ontario specifically. We are delighted to provide this incredible opportunity in 4th Canadian Division to even more Canadians. Diversity is what makes us all stronger,” said Brigadier General Conrad Mialkowski, Commander of the 4th Canadian Division and Joint Task Force (Central).

We are very proud of 4th Canadian Division’s Grey Wolf Indigenous Program conducted in Meaford. This six-week program is unique from other Indigenous Summer Programs because it provides graduates with their Basic Military Qualification (BMQ) and features aspects of the candidate’s Indigenous culture and heritage. These BMQ graduates are returning to their home communities as stronger, more confident individuals with significant life-skills to carry them through their next phase of military training at their home units,” offered Lieutenant Colonel David G. Fearon, Commanding Officer, 4th Canadian Division Training Centre.

Photos by Master Corporal Donnie MacDonald, Image Technician, 4th Canadian Division

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