Saturday, February 24, 2024

Victoria Yeh Joins Chris Scerri & Jon Zaslow at The Leeky Canoe

Bill Monahan, Meaford Live Music

Victoria Yeh, the talented violinist who has won many fans in Meaford in the past year or so, is back this weekend at The Leeky Canoe, sharing the night with Chris Scerri and Jon Zaslow.

Famous for her looping Jean-Luc Ponty interpretations, and her ability to play along with any tune, Victoria appeared in the Chris Scerri productions at Meaford Hall, and often sat in on open stage night at The Leeky. She and her partner Trevor Hesselink, a talented photographer and environmental professional, have purchased land in Meaford as a special getaway from their busy city lives. Here for the weekend, she’ll be playing several shows with Scerri, including hosting the Open Stage at The Barn on Sunday.

Jon Zaslow also contributed regularly on guitar to the weekly open stage at The Leeky with Scerri. Like Victoria Yeh, he distinguished himself by his ability to play along with anybody. He shared lead guitar duties with Jayden Grahlman at the great Meaford-style Last Waltz concert before Christmas, and he plays with Scerri in Horseshoes and Handgrenades, a band that’s been earning gigs in the area. Zaslow released a beautifully crafted independent CD of all original songs last month called “One More Lumdy Lai”.

The music should start at the Leeky Canoe around 9:00 on Saturday January 27.

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