Saturday, February 24, 2024

Suggestion For Addressing Rural Bridges

Letter to the Editor


With respect to modern day engineering firms , no one will endorse repairing a 75-year-old bridge and stake their reputation on it. There are too many unknowns. So you get everyone recommending new bridges, built to current standards, even if these standards are way over the top for two single lane short span bridges.

Meaford should just take the initiative and repair these two bridges to the tune of $100,000 each (approx.) With modern bonding, mortar, rebar, and coatings technologies these bridges could easily serve another 75 years if maintained properly. You are not going to get any guarantees or warranties. Just get a local masonry company and go to it. These are rural single lane bridges, it is not rocket science.

Just post a weight and speed limit restriction on their use.

And, forget about an environmental assessment for these repairs: EAs are an excuse to procrastinate and enrich consultants and lawyers.

Regards, Ray McHugh, P.Eng., Meaford

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