Thursday, February 22, 2024

Thoughts on Recent Closed Council Session

Letter to the Editor


We are in complete agreement with your editorial comments (May 22) on the sudden mysterious in camera meeting of Meaford municipal council.

The sudden meeting was a procedural attempt to thwart Harley Greenfield’s motion on staff rationalization and infrastructure .

Clearly it was a a transparent political ploy, playing fast and loose with the ‘in camera’ requirements in the Municipal Act. Moreover it was an attempt by the mayor and the staff (whose self-interest was paramount in this) to intimidate the potential mover of the motion, Harley Greenfield. This was a transparent ploy and council is complicit in it because it is, in essence, an abuse of process.

HR discussion in general does not require a sub rosa motion for a secret meeting, unless a specific person is under discussion.

Harley Greenfield merely gives notice of a public discussion and review to move to a motion – perfectly legal in an open public meeting.

Meaford municipal council needs to rethink its position on this item. We fear the privileged solicitor/client in camera item will become the catchall for most of Meaford’s business.

It does not bode well.

Judy and Ken Thomson, Leith

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