Sunday, July 21, 2024

Voter Frustration



On the first day  of voting my husband and I tried to go on line to vote. What a waste of time. We could not access the voter site using no less than three browsers/servers.

We tried many variations of the http entry.

We even tried to call the municipality for help. You can just imagine the futility of that effort.

We were put on hold no less than 5 times while the person attempted to direct us on typing in the link.

The person we spoke to just kept repeating the typing information as though I was in Grade 1.

Frustrated we gave up and went to the telephone and voted that way with NO problems.

Why did the Municipal web site not have a DIRECT linkage to the voting Website?

This would have been so simple for the public.

The sad part is that we almost did not bother to vote at all.

It was not as easy to access as everyone stated.

I truly feel sorry for persons with no computer, using a rotary phone and absolutely no mode of transportation to go the municipal offices to vote.

The municipality did not take many of these things into consideration.

With all this mess do we really have a true representation of the voting demographic in our municipality?


Joan and Richard Fujiki, Meaford

*Editor’s note:  When voting online, it is very important to have the FULL URL typed into your browser:

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