Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Apple Harvest Craft Show Continues Tradition of Giving Back to the Community

By Stephen Vance, Staff

craft show cemetery gazebo

The organizers of Meaford’s annual Apple Harvest Craft Show are ready to continue their tradition of hosting a large craft show each year that draws artists and arts and craft lovers from well beyond Meaford’s borders.

They are also continuing another tradition – giving back to the community.

Lakeview Cemetery now boasts a new Mennonite crafted gazebo beside the pond thanks to the Apple Harvest Craft Show.

A lot of people come up her to relax with a book, or to have a quiet lunch,” Craft Show volunteer Dave Hardie told The Independent.

The gazebo was built and purchased locally, and will feature a granite inset etched with the Apple Harvest Craft Show logo.

Hardie said that over the 31 years of the event, more than $800,000 has been given back to the community through donations such as this.

The Apple Harvest Craft Show will be held this weekend on October 4 and 5, at the Meaford Curling Club, and across the road from the curling club at the Meaford & St. Vincent Community Centre.

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