Thursday, June 13, 2024

Local Library Service Imperative

Letter to the Editor


The following letter has been sent to our members of council:

Dear Mayor and Council,

I am writing about your recent decision to discontinue Owen Sound Library services for residents of the former Sydenham Township. This is a devastating injury in addition to the forced amalgamation. The limited library services Meaford provides at the Sydenham Depot are no substitute for access to a bona fide local library. Given our proximity to Owen Sound, the discontinuation of OS Library services is not only inconvenient, but also flies in the face of our efforts to reduce the vehicular traffic and use of fossil fuels.

My understanding is that Meaford has opted to discontinue their agreement 5 years early. I suggest that the current arrangement be continued until an alternative is established. Perhaps Meaford should cover the cost of out-of-district subscription for OSPL on a per user basis.

Libraries do not provide effective services if catchment areas are drawn according to amalgamated administrative (read: large, geographic) boundaries. Local library service is imperative and Meaford has an obligation to fulfill this promise to Sydenham Township.


Lynne Marie Sullivan, Annan

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