Monday, June 24, 2024

The Library is Much More Than a Place to Get Books

Letter to the Editor


I was born in Leith. My mother was a teacher. Reading has been an important part of my life since I was young.

I’ve been an active user of the “library” as I call it (now the Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library) since I was a youngster. I grew up in Leith and now live in Annan – I still actively use the library – it is part of my life – I often see some neighbours and/or friends when I’m at the library. I have observed children learning to read. I have also utilized the Adult Learning Centre when teaching an adult to read. I know and appreciate how books and information can positively impact a person’s life!

Owen Sound is my destination place – for groceries and supplies, meetings, recreation, and the library.

Since the forced amalgamation of Sydenham Township, I have had the privilege of continuing to use the Owen Sound and North Grey Union Public Library. As of December 31st, I understand I will no longer be able to use the library in Owen Sound. I am very disturbed and upset by this decision.

I cannot imagine my life (and the life of my neighbours and friends!) without the privileges we’ve enjoyed having for so many years. The library is so much more than a place to get books. It is a part of life for many of us.

To the decision makers within our community, I ask that you give serious consideration to what’s happening and how your citizens will be impacted!

Donna Mitchell, Annan

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