Friday, July 12, 2024

Get Ready For Soap Box Saturdays!

By Stephen Vance, Editor

Election campaigns can often become very serious affairs. Serious issues, serious debates, serious competition.

While some aspects of an election campaign should rightly be serious, The Meaford Independent wants to inject some fun into this year’s municipal election, and we will start that fun this Saturday outside our Sykes Street office when we introduce our election Soap Box.

We invite our readers to come down to The Meaford Independent office on Saturday mornings at 11 am, starting tomorrow, and we will have our election Soap Box outside for candidates to step up on the soap box, and share their campaign platforms, respond to questions from residents, and to have some fun with some old fashioned electioneering.

The Independent has asked candidates to advise which Saturdays they would like to participate, and we will post a list each week of the candidates we are expecting that week.

So far we have council candidates Shirley Keaveney and Jaden Calvert scheduled to participate on Saturday September 20.

Deputy Mayor candidate Harley Greenfield has confirmed he will step up on the Soap Box on Saturday September 27.

We are also hoping to take the Soap Box on tour. We would like to see candidates get up on the Soap Box in Woodford, Bognor, St. Vincent, and at local events.

If you have an event, where the candidate Soap Box would be an appropriate event, send us an email, and we will try to be there.

If you attend any of our Soap Box Saturdays, be sure to check out our Candidate Info Centre – we have invited all candidates to drop off their campaign literature and brochures, and we will have them available at our office – your one stop shop for municipal candidate information!

Let’s add some fun into this election campaign. Come on out to Soap Box Saturdays, and cheer on your favourite candidates, ask candidates questions, and listen to their talks when they step up on the TMI Soap Box.

Saturday mornings at 11, outside The Meaford Independent office, we hope to see you there!


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