Sunday, July 21, 2024

Meaford & Collingwood Lawn Bowling Clubs Square Off in Long-Standing Friendly Rivalry


The Meaford and Collingwood Lawn Bowling Clubs have a long-standing friendly rivalry that is met with much joviality each year. July 25 was no different.

“While a titch on the hot side, we could not have asked for a better day. Six greens were used in the ten-end game of Optional Pairs,” said the Meaford Lawn Bowling Club. “Making the day extra special was our Meaford Club ladies of Jeanne Birch, Audrie Dobie, Alana Warwick, and Elaine Watson preparing a fantastic lunch to feed the hungry bowlers. Doug Reid, our burger flipper extraordinaire, once again did not disappoint in his culinary abilities.”

The Meaford Lawn Bowling Club walked away with most of the day’s wins. First place was Meaford’s Elaine Watson, second place was Collingwood’s Owen McBride. Third place was attained by Meaford’s Donna Eagles and fourth place by Meaford’s Bill Bouwman.

“The grand prize for each of these winners was only a Toonie each, but the real prize of the event was the fellowship enjoyed by all,” said the club.

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