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New Art Exhibit is ‘A Different Kettle of Fish’


The Grey Highlands Artists’ Circle (GHAC) is putting on their sixth collaborative show at the Meaford Hall Arts and Cultural Centre beginning June 27, and running until September 9.

Melanie Earle, Shauna Earle, and Carol Wood head the collective and have invited guest artistsFran Bouwman and Sean Keating to participate in this dynamic exhibition.

The organizers say that A Different Kettle of Fish is a visual exploration of ‘sayings’.

We use ‘sayings’ everyday. Sayings are convenient. They can express a complicated idea in a nutshell. Often they are light in nature and can take the sting out of communicating something that is sensitive or delicate. This descriptive and colourful language encapsulates greater meaning, pushing our minds to envision the message. Idioms may give us visual clues, but more often than not, the meanings of these sayings are taught to us. Without these teachings, we are prone to take these sayings literally, missing the special meaning they are meant to convey. Understanding idioms is a piece of cake if you grow up with them, but can greatly confuse if not,” said organizers in their announcement of the exhibit.

Many idiomatic expressions can be light and even funny. My encaustic paintings explore a more serious side to sayings,” said artist Shauna Earle, whose works featured in the exhibit carry titles like ‘We Are All in the Same Boat’, and ‘Watching the Grass Grow’.

Another artist featured in the exhibit says that she enjoyed the opportunity to incorporate common sayings into her work.

I have often found that words and language appear in my art and have enjoyed this opportunity to think about idiomatic expressions with these new paintings.

The GHAC are excited to share their stimulating, interactive show that will be sure to make you think, laugh and learn,” said artist Carol Wood.

An opening reception will be held at Meaford Hall on Thursday, June 30 from 7 – 9 pm, and the exhibit will run until September 9. The Galleries are open seven days a week for free viewing.Occasionally private functions restrict visiting so please confirm hours by checking with the Meaford Hall box office in person or at 1.877.538.0463.

You can find out more about the Grey Highlands Artists’ Circle by visiting the GHAC website:

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