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Pharmacy Exceeds Goal With First Hospital Fundraiser

Stephen Vance, Staff

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The Meaford IDA pharmacy has surpassed their goal of raising $1,000 for the Meaford Hospital Foundation from a special promotion selling a chocolate treat called Choco-bots.

The new pharmacy has been selling the chocolate treats since they opened in December with one dollar from each sale going to the Meaford Hospital Foundation.

“We wanted to do something to help out the community as soon as we opened. We opened December 18. Of course being a new start-up, we aren’t in the position to start cutting big novelty cheques, but at the same time, both myself and Tundra Lee, my business partner – we’re both former hospital pharmacists, we both know the services that Hospital Foundations provide, so we came up with the idea,” pharmacist and co-owner Rick Lorenz told The Independent last month, adding that he hoped they would be able to raise $1,000 from the promotion.

This week, the Meaford IDO presented the Meaford Hospital Foundation President, Pauline Stanley, with a cheque in amount of $1100.

The Meaford Hospital Foundation was established to raise, receive, and manage money for the purpose of purchasing capital equipment and building improvements at the Meaford Hospital. This funding role has been critical to the hospital’s viability since the government provides relatively few funds for capital purchases.

The funds raised by the Foundation come from a variety of sources, including gifts from individuals, clubs, associations and businesses. All funds raised by the Foundation are spent exclusively on the needs of the Meaford hospital.

Over the past six years the Foundation has contributed between $300,000 and $400,000 per year to the Hospital for medical equipment.

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