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Sharing the Road With Farm Vehicles & Horse-Drawn Vehicles


tractor sign 270Grey County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) continue to stress traffic safety and education in their ongoing commitment to making travelling on roadways as safe as possible for all users.

Motorists are reminded to watch for farm vehicles and horse-drawn vehicles displaying a slow-moving vehicle sign, which is a reflective orange triangle bordered with red.

Be extra-cautious by reducing your speed and staying well back from these vehicles. Slow-moving vehicles may only travel up to 40 km/hr so it’s important to be alert and patient.

Watch for left turns. Not all farm vehicles have turn signals. Farm vehicles such as combines and tractors are longer and wider and turn at places that may not be well marked.

Pass only when it’s safe to do so. Passing a farm vehicle or horse-drawn vehicle should only be made to the left – giving them a wide berth when passing. A horse can be easily spooked if passed on the right or if too close.

Be courteous. Aggressive driving is not only unsafe: it’s against the law.

Some general safety guidelines for farm equipment operators:

  • Lights are required on farm vehicles one-half hour before sunset to one-half hour after sunrise.

  • All trailers require two separate means of attachment.

  • Loads that overhang 1.5 meters (approximately 5 feet) need a red flag or marker (red lamp at night) at the extreme rear of the load.

  • Slow-moving vehicle signs should not be faded or covered. Ensure its reflectivity has not deteriorated due to exposure to environmental conditions.

  • Farm equipment operators must signal intended turns by electronic or manual arm signals.

For more information you may consult the “Farm Equipment Rules” section on the Ministry of Transportation Website at

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