Friday, June 14, 2024

Councillor Lemon Offers Thoughts About Wind Turbine Resolution

Councillor’s Corner

As the mover of the resolution regarding the wind turbines, I believe that the citizens of Meaford deserve more than a resolution left “blowing in the wind.”

Rather, the citizens of Meaford deserve answers that would alleviate any concerns that the installation of wind farms in our community could, or might, produce any negative impact on their ongoing physical and emotional health.

Supporting this resolution does not mean we do not support wind energy. It does not mean we do not support green economic development. It means we care enough about the people we represent to ensure that we have a full understanding of the short and long term impact of our decisons, along with the short and long term impact of provincial and federal decisions on our community.

To me this is wise thinking, proactive thinking, responsible thinking and respectful thinking. We owe this, and more, to the citizens of the Municipality of Meaford.




Cynthia Lemon


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