Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Bombing a Bad Idea

Letter to the Editor


Yes! Mr Trudeau, absolutely the bombing is a bad idea!

What has the bombing achieved so far? ISIS is still as strong as before. The terrorists still reach out all around the globe to kill and spread fear because they are not contained.

The ISIS, Taliban, Alkaida forces can’t be eliminated from the air. As soon as one leader is taken out, another takes his place.

Every day the Western countries create more martyrs for the terrorists’ medieval culture. They have to be defeated by their own countrymen who do not share their beliefs.

If we want this to end, we have to go all in! But not by fighting for them. The people in the region need to take up this cause with our help. It is their country to protect and defend, not ours.

We must do something different and more effective.

There are things all countries and the UN can and should do:

1) Cut off all ISIS, Taliban, Alkida, financial and technical support from every source (especially from Arab Muslim sympathizers). Also, take down all the social media outlets and Internet sites that the terrorists are using for recruitment and propaganda.

2) Provide financial, logistical and technical support to the countries that are neighbours to terrorist infested countries to lock down their borders. No food, no money, no bullets, no fuel, no new recruits to get in to help the terrorists.

3) Turn back everyone (man or woman) who is trying to escape or who has already succeeded in escaping terrorist infested countries. If an escapee is old enough and able to fight then they should be conscripted and sent back to fight against the ISIS terrorists. If they refuse, then they go to prison camp set up and run by the UN. The probability being that they are ISIS infiltrators or collaborators.

4) Create safe secure camps for the families of the newly conscripted escapee freedom fighters, their children and their mothers, old people, severely injured or disabled people. UN forces and NGOs will run the camps and care for them, protect them, providing food, education, health care.

5) Provide training, logistics, medical care, food and weapons for the conscripted freedom fighters while they are fighting the terrorists.

Under no circumstances should our soldiers be in direct combat. This is their fight for their country!

Dave MacDougall, Meaford

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