Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Library and Municipal Offices Could Share a New Building

Letter to the Editor


I have just learned that our town council is interested at finding a new location for our municipal offices and expanding our down-in-the-mouth library into their current locale next door.

Expanding from one old, unsuitable building into another is not a solution for our library. I dare say that the renovations which would have to occur to facilitate the expansion would only be concerned with the current building code and nothing else. Yes, increased library space is desperately needed, however, I doubt it would meet the myriad of other social standards that a modern library should have and be.

Perhaps a worthy solution may be, if the municipal offices are indeed too small, to include both these offices and a library together in the same new building! This to me could result in a Meaford centre piece that would make us all proud.

H W Aitchison, Meaford

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